Thursday, July 8, 2021

Blog now moved to

 Hi folks,

I have decided to merged the RCA Studio II Database and the Love MESS/MAME blogs into my own personal blog since many subjects were divided and/or were related to other blogs.

Some time ago, i merged the LOVE M.E.G.S. (Multi Electronic Game Systems) with the Love M.E.S.S./M.A.M.E., and now i'm merging the RCA Studio II Database with the Love M.E.S.S./M.A.M.E. so that all things i personal like in retro gaming will be in one place and under one URL.

Only my OdySim blog will remain individual as i still have a lot of information and new games to talk about and a new column in the future will be how to mod/upgrade your Magnavox Odyssey!

So delete this old URL/bookmark and go to the new one:

- Sly -

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

"Unavailable" Chip-8 Games

 Hi again folks!

While checking the net (webpages, videos, blogs, etc...) sometime i stumble on Chip-8 games that i can't find to download anywhere. So when i was looking on Youtube, i have found this video:

Chip 8 Old Tech in a New Light
The professor's name is Wil Lindsay and he teaches many type of programming (old computer, OS, 3D, etc) and last year he gave a course of RCA Cosmac Chip-8 to his students. He made a presentation for the Vintage Computer Festival East 2020 which was a "virtual" event (damn pandemic) which was held on October 10th and 11th, 2020.

His students made some Chip-8 games which are:

Salem Witch (by Janet Dennis(?))

Lumber Jack (by Cody Lynch)

Duck Run (by V. Kreepmer(?))

8-Bit Operatives (by Vincent Nelson)

Pirates of Karl Bean (by Ray Osterman)

Sorry if i made mistakes in the authors names, hoping that one of them or Wil Lindsay will see this post and correct me. 

This is five Chip-8 games that unfortunately we can't test/play them but maybe one day, these and surely others, will be available to enjoy (keeping my fingers crossed). ;)

Until next, take care! 

- Sly -

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

New update for the Chip-8 Database

 Hi folks!

Been quite a few weeks since the last post but today i have updated the Chip-8 Database with 35 new entries! All the entries from the Octojam 7 ( ) and a few more discovered on the net.

Here's what has been added:

* 14 Chip-8 Games

* 03 Chip-8 Progs/Demos

* 02 Schip Games

* 02 Schip Progs/Demos

* 14 XO-Chip Games

And with mostly with their manual on how to play each of them. 

So check out the "Chip-8 Database" and download the updated check list and the update ZIP file.

Enjoy and take care!

- Sly -

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Chip-8 Database is now online!

 Hi folks!

I'm glad to announced that the "Chip-8 Database" is now available to anyone to download and it is the "BIGGEST" chip-8 archive on the net (i'm not joking here).


 As of September 01, 2020, there is in the Database:

* x174 Chip-8 Games (and missing x213 not yet typed)
* x146 Chip-8 Demos/Progs
* x10 Chip-8X (with Hybrids)
* x53 Super Chip-8 Games
* x50 Super Chip-8 Demos/Progs
* x25 XO-Chip Games
* x28 XO-Chip Demos/Progs
* x22 Machine Languages Games (and missing x46 not typed)
* x41 Machine Language Demos/Progs
* x09 Chip-8 Hires (64x64)
* x05 MegaChip files

As you can see, the Chip-8 Database contain a lot more than anyone expects. Hoping this will help numerous programmers and gamers. I will also put in due time, all the missing Chip-8 games that aren't typed yet (listing) and a program to help type these which was made by Revival Studios so hoping that some few fellows will help out expanding the Chip-8 library.

For now, enjoy all there is by clicking on this link: Chip-8 Database.
Have fun!
--- Sly (brain chipped) DC ---

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Listing all Chip-8 games and more...

 Hi folks!

I've been listing all Chip-8 games for the past week and gotten a few headaches along the way (literally) as i've search like hell all the Chip-8 games already in a ROM format (c8, ch8, rom, bin, etc...) and all the games that's still needs to be "typed-in" from books, newsletters, magazines, etc.

So far, i have 402 entries...that's right...402 Chip-8 games listed but some may be copies as these are not typed-in yet to compare. Some few on the list are not available until the authors release them (i only have 7 listed so far), and the games available in a ROM-type format as today (August 30, 2020) are 168!

I have gone thru many RCA Cosmac books, all the newsletters (Viper, Questdata, Ipso Facto, Dreamer (all 19 issues), Cosmac Zelfbouw) and magazines like: ETI Australia, Byte, etc. and i'm still missing all the newsletters issues of 1800 User club (Finland) but this will be another story! ;)

Also, i have listed other Chip-8 releated programs (Chip-8 Demos/Progs), Chip-8X (and hybrids), Super Chip-8 games and Demos/Progs, XO-Chip Games and Demos/Sounds, Machine Language (ML) Games and Demos/Progs and various (Chip-8 Hires (64x64) and Mega Chip 8)(oh man...more headaches!).

The list isn't finished as it's still missing information but will be updated in the following days. If there is a faulty entry (title, year, etc) please let me know so i can make the correction(s). In the meantime, have a good reading! =)

Download the list in Excel "HERE".

- Sly -

Monday, August 24, 2020

OctoJam 7 Coming soon!

Hi folks!

I have just learned that the "OctoJam 7" has been announced 3 days ago by John Earnest (aka Internet Janitor). This year jam will start on October 1st and will end on November 1st, 2020.

To some who doesn't know what is the OctoJam, it's a contest which programmers submits their Chip-8, Super Chip-8 or XO-Chip games/demos/apps/etc. and will be judge with emulators and real hardware.

You can read all bout it here:

 Hope to see this year a LOT of Chip-8 games for the RCA Studio II multicart Chip-8 library ! =)

So if you know how to code in Chip-8, show your prowess by joining the Octojam 7!

Monday, August 10, 2020

New homebrew for the RCA Studio II


Hi folks!

There is a new homebrew game that was released 3 days ago by azya52 (the same author that did Microbird & Tetris for the Milton Bradley Microvision), the name of the game is "Race" (i know, not very original) but he did a HELL of a homebrew!! Check it out here on Youtube: 


I just have one word seeing this.... WOW!! The game is not finished yet but i have never dreamed to see a game like this for the RCA Studio II.

He uses a resolution of 64x128 (!!!) which we only see for Super Chip. What fascinates me is he writes that it can be played on a real Studio II !!!

Anyway, check out the video and read his description.

You can download a copy of the unfinished game here:

 Have fun (and start drooling....LOL!!!) 

--- Sly (can't wait to see it finished!) DC ---