Thursday, August 11, 2016

Reply to Kavi Magikarp :)

Kavi Magikarp commented this on July 30, 2016:
"I am glad that the Studio II is finally getting some credit. Would it be possible to make a studio II flash cart?"

Hi Kavi,

I can do a multigame cartridge with dip switches but doing a Flash cart ? That i don't know and i don't see why to do a Flash cart since there is almost no homebrew dev on the RCA Studio II & clones sides, but on the side of Chip-8 then this would be a great idea since there is from time to time new homebrews for it.

There are not so many homebrews for the Studio II (and clones) and many were done by Paul Robson so i think the best would be doing a EPROM multigame cart with dip switches and if there would be a version 2, a menu-driven would be awesome but i don't know how to program for the Studio II.

Blazing Lazers of AtariAge posted a picture of the programming manual of the RCA Studio III, which is all the European clones (except for the Toshiba Visicom which has a different color circuit). If ekeefe (the guy who has the Studio III manual) could scan the manual and released it as a PDF file, this would be so great since we will surely see new homebrews in color in a near future.

See the post here:

And "flip" of AtariAge is doing in his spare time also a multigame cart based on an 27C512 EPROM, check this post:

And this one: 

And also this one:

Thanks! =)

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