Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Blog for 2016!

Hi folks,

I have just created this new blog about anything related to the RCA Studio II like clones, games, homebrews, programmers, stories, mods, etc... ever since Blazing Lazers started a topic called "RCA Studio II GOLD MINE! An interview with the Studio 2 Production Manager!" on Atari Age (http://atariage.com/forums/topic/209519-rca-studio-ii-gold-mine-an-interview-with-the-studio-2-production-manager/), things have really moved for the Studio II and everything related and it's not about to end!

Many web sites are dubbing the RCA Studio II the "Worst Console Ever", which i find disturbing. OK the Studio II doesn't have colors, quality sounds or joysticks but it is the second cartridge-based game system ever released (the Fairchild Channel F beat the Studio II by a few weeks) and has it's place in the Video Game History (if you want the worst game system ever, just think of the Nintendo Virtual Boy...that thing gives me a headache in less than 10 minutes...i have more fun playing a Tomy 3D handheld game than playing a Virtual Boy!).

But why the RCA Studio II ? Well...first, this game system (or any clones) never was sold/released here in Canada so i only discovered that this game system existed in 1996 as i "surfed" the web for the first time. But it wasn't before meeting Al Backiel (of Digital Press) at the Phillyclassic in 2001 that i was beginning to be more interesting of this game system and the European clones, which a few weeks later i gave some information about the European clones to Al to put into the DP guide and without any warning, i was credited along Al for the RCA Studio II cartridge listing (and i also became a Guide Editor for the 6th and 7th editions thanks to Al). So since then, i still keep an eye out to any new information about the Studio II (and clones).

Back in 2007, i was thinking of modifying an RCA Studio II with 2-3 mods like Audio/Video output (done it - great to finally throw out the damn RF box!), independent power jack (also done it...sort of) and a ON/OFF switch (seems stupid but very useful which i still didn't do it). But after some time, my list of mods have grown to more than 15 mods. I will discuss those mods in time due, that's a promise!

So keep a watch from time to time in this coming year! =)

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  1. I am glad that the Studio II is finally getting some credit. Would it be possible to make a studio II flash cart?